Reputation Management

Reputation Management can increase search engine visibility, build brand trust, and ultimately help you boost sales and conversions.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a broad term that's used to describe the management of a businesses online reputation. There are two methods of ORM that we use at Online Spark.


Our preferred method of ORM is what we call feedback management. Feedback management involves creating a web page to collect feedback from your customers. Traffic is driven to this webpage by the means of a flyer or an iPad in your store. If your customers leave good feedback, they're promoted to leave their feedback online as a review. If they leave negative feedback, that feedback is sent directly to you so that you can deal with the issue in house. This form of ORM not only improves your online reputation, it also helps prevent negative reviews and allows you to identify unhappy customers before they turn into negative online reviews.


Another method of ORM that we use involves creating and ranking pages in search engines in order to push down websites that are making negative comments about our clients' business on the first page of Google. The aim of this method is to push the website(s) that are making negative comments about the client down to the second page of Google, out of sight. This method is generally not necessary for most businesses.

Benefits of Feedback Management

Get more positive reviews

Having an influx of happy customers leaving good reviews on Google will increase your star rating, as well as your ranking on Google Maps search results and local 3 pack search results. With a solid online reputation, a business’ revenue can increase exponentially.

Give happy customers a chance to share their experience

Customers expect to have a positive experience when they walk into your business, so a lot of them don’t think to leave a review when they get home. Feedback management encourages those satisfied customers to have a voice.

Help unhappy customers

Our system allows you to communicate with unhappy customers who you would have otherwise not known were unhappy, giving you the opportunity to respond to their complaints, help them, compensate them; do whatever you can to turn them into a happy customer, this way they’ll be far less likely to leave a bad review online.

Gain insight on how you can improve your business

Having direct access to all customer reviews enables you to see your business from a customer’s perspective, so that areas for improvement become apparent.

strengthen the relationships between you and your customers

People like to know that you value their opinion. Just by you asking them if they've had a good experience shows that you care. If they leave negative feedback, this allows you to resolve that issue, thus strengthening relationship with your customer.

The foundation of a successful Reputation Management or Feedback Management campaign begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current online circumstances and objectives.

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